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Broil King

Look for:

     •     A heavy, solid cooking grid with tightly spaced rods. This type of grid will provide excellent searing performance, essentially creating a 100% Sear Zone.

     •     Heavy cast cooking grids with a "V" (or reversible with a trough) are best for vaporizing food juices at the cooking surface and creating grill flavor.


Where there is smoke, there is flavor

The vaporizer is a key component. As the drippings from food fall onto the hot surface, they are instantly vaporized, imparting smoky flavor into your food.

Look for:

     •     A vaporizer that fills the entire bottom of the cook box ensuring the maximum amount of vaporization and flavor and has no flat spots where juices can pool.

     •     A vaporizer that covers the burner and protects it from drippings which helps eliminate flare-ups and prolongs the life of the burner.


Consistent Power and Performance

The burner system is the heart of the grill and is responsible for distributing the heat throughout the cook box.

Look for:

     •     Broil King grills have Dual-Tube burners with a tube in tube design to even the flow of gas inside the burner and HEAT more EVENLY.

     •     Dual-Tube burners have holes (ports) on each side of the burner giving twice the flame coverage and heat distribution compared to regular tube burners that typically only have one set of ports on the top of the burner.

     •     Stainless steel construction for long lasting durability. A burner should have at least a 5 year warranty.


Perfect Temperature

The more control you have over the temperature of your grill the better your food will taste

Look for:

     •     A gas grill that offers infinite heat settings, instead of just low, medium and high, allowing you to set your grill to the precise temperature for searing, roasting or slow cooking. For the most precise temperature control, look for control knobs that offer 180 degrees of control from Low to High.


Better heat retention means better flavor

An efficiently designed cook box will maintain the heat and ensure consistent temperature control.

Look for:

     •     A fully enclosed cook box with no gaps at the back or the bottom where heat can escape. A closed bottom cook box or one with controlled air flow creates versatility to cook with the lid UP OR DOWN. An open bottom cook box means all the hot air will escape each time the lid is opened making it difficult to maintain hot temperatures, heat the grids efficiently and limits your cooking style.


Steakhouse Sear Marks

The sizzle as the meat hits the grill is one of the sweetest sounds. The heavier the grid, the better it will retain heat and deliver searing power to lock in juices and flavor.

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Say goodbye to crossing your fingers and hello to confidence.

Broil King has quite simply revolutionized the way we grill steak.

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